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privacy policy

Before the internet, businesses used a variety of printed media to advertise products and services. As you would expect, companies like Key Largo Shutters would seek to advertise as directly as possible to target audiences. As an example, Shutters and Blinds companies would possibly have advertised in ‘Home’ magazines.

Today, technology provides much more sophisticated and accurate methods of advertising and ‘brand reinforcement’ and Key Largo Shutters are among the many businesses with a website that endeavour to utilise these methods to best effect. After visiting keylargoshutters.co.uk, you may or may not see Key Largo Shutters adverts on other websites you visit: this is something called ‘remarketing’ and is achieved with the help of third-party vendors, including Google which use a Cookie that ‘remembers’ your visit to keylargoshutters.co.uk and then displays our adverts to you.

Our hope is that having shown an interest in our products, remarketing will serve to remind you about us.

What is a Cookie?
A Cookie is a small file saved on people’s computers to help store preferences and other information that’s used on web pages they visit.

You can opt out of Google’s use of Cookies by visiting Google’s Ads Settings: Visit Google’s Ads Settings