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health & safety

child safety

As children grow so does their curiosity with the world around them. Basic household items, including window coverings, can turn into potential hazards. At Key Largo we consider child safety a top priority. Making products safer for homes with infants and young children is an integral part of our design philosophy.

Key Largo products adhere to the European EN 13120 standard (Internal Blinds Performance Requirements including safety) as a minimum safety requirement. Continuouse development of new products helps reduce the risk of accidents. Due to the changes in the European standard, you might have noticed some changes to your blind.

The standard operating length of most blinds with cord or chain operation, has been reduced to a maximum of one meter to lower the risk of injuries on young children.

General Safety Advice

  • Buyers and users of blinds should be aware of the hazards that can be posed by unrestrained cords, braids, loop chains and wires, which may be hazardous to young children. The following guidelines should always be considered. Young children can be strangled by loops in pull cords, chains, tapes and inner cords that operate the product. They can also wrap cords around their necks.

To avoid strangulation and entanglement, keep cords out of reach of young children. Move beds, cots and furniture away from window covering cords, Do not tie cords together. Make sure cords do not twist and create a loop. Install and use the safety devices according to the installation instructions on these devices to reduce possibility of such an accident.

Key Largo

From cordless alternatives to motorised systems, Key Largo offers many innovative lifting systems designed with safety, convenience and beauty in mind. Choose from an abundant array of colours and materials that complement your nursery today and your teen’s room tomorrow.


Eliminate pull cords altogether with the unique LiteRise® system. This cordless push up, pull down system raises and lowers the product with the touch of a finger. LiteRise® helps reduce potential hazards, while also offering more user comfort and a streamlined appearance.

SmartCord® and UltraLift™

SmartCord® and UltraLift™ are revolutionary and patented cord lifting systems. They feature a retractable pull cord that maintains a constant length, and allows the user to effortlessly raise and lower the shade. In addition, the SmartCord® system will automatically lower the blind to the preferred position after one simple pull of the cord.

PowerRise® and Motorised Operation

A wide variety of Key Largo products are offered with motorised options that allow the product to be operated at the touch of a button. The remote control operation or wall switch eliminates operating cords for enhanced child safety and user comfort. Options include wired and battery-powered motorisation.


The cordless Key Largo Roller Blind Softraise system uses a spring mechanism for easy lifting and lowering. Skylight, Nano Blinds and tensioned models These systems are designed to fit neatly into the frame of your windows, doors and skylights and eliminate the need for free hanging cord loops.

Skylight, Nano Blinds and tensioned models

These systems are designed to fit neatly into the frame of your windows, doors and skylights and eliminate the need for free hanging cord loops.

Quick release cord connectors

Quick release cord connectors are fitted as standard on many Key Largo blinds. These connectors break apart and separate when pressure is applied to them.

Crank or Wand Operation

Many Key Largo products are available with a crank or slide wand system. The slide wand allows you to effortlessly slide vertical blinds. Our special crank operation integrates both lift and tilt functions into one easy-to-use crank.

Cord and Chain Operations

If you prefer a cord or endless chain, safety for your child is increased with extra safety devices. All Key Largo products are supplied with a cord or chain safety device.

Cord cleats and tensioners enable any cords or chains to be fastened to the wall – out of the reach of children. A breakaway chain connector makes sure that any loop in the chain will break when an excessive force is pulling on the chain.

  • A cord cleat is supplied with every product which has pull cords. Be aware that these need to be installed at a minimum height of 1.5 m from the floor
  • A chain tensioner is supplied with every product which has an operating chain
  • Detailed instructions of how to install the devices in a safe manner are always attached to the blind
  • A warning tag which highlights the dangers to children is attached to every cord or chain operated blind and is also repeated in the installation instructions which come with the product