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Pleated Blinds

Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds

Chain & Cordless

Our Chain & Cordless Pleated Blinds epitomise timeless sophistication, offering a fusion of classic charm and contemporary style. The classic option exudes an air of elegance and clean aesthetics, available in either Soft-rise or Chain-operated systems. The Cordless variant, on the other hand, delivers inherent child safety and boasts a sleek, modern appearance with a compact, tidy headrail.

These blinds are more than just visually appealing; they come with an exclusive range of 30 cellular fabrics, available in both standard and blackout options. These fabrics are tailored to perfection and can span widths of up to 3000mm, ensuring a perfect fit for your windows. Whether you prefer the gentle rise, motorised convenience, or traditional chain operation, our Chain & Cordless Pleated Blinds offer versatility to suit your preferences.

bespoke pleated blind fitting
velux pleated blind

Pleated Blackout Blinds for Windows

Velux Pleated Blinds

At Key Largo Shutters, we understand the importance of flexible light control and decorative aesthetics for your windows. That’s why we offer Velux Pleated Blinds, an embodiment of style and functionality.

Our Velux Pleated Blinds offer you the versatility to control light from both the top and bottom, allowing you to create the perfect ambience in any room. These blinds can be positioned anywhere in your window, ensuring that your design vision becomes a reality. You can choose between translucent and blackout energy pleated blinds, providing you with the utmost control over your lighting preferences.

Glass Ceiling Blinds

If you have glass-heavy areas in your home, our Pleated Blinds are the ideal choice. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, they serve a practical purpose. These blinds not only add style to your space but also have a cooling effect, thanks to their ability to filter sunlight. They prevent rooms from becoming uncomfortably hot, ensuring a comfortable environment all year round.

pleated glass blind
blinds made to measure

Motorised Pleated Blinds

Experience the pinnacle of convenience with our Motorised Pleated Blinds. Powered by a rechargeable lithium battery pack, which can be discreetly mounted separately, these blinds redefine ease of use. You have the option of three remote control handset choices, giving you the power to adjust your blinds effortlessly. Moreover, our Motorised Pleated Blinds can seamlessly integrate with your smart home system through a smart hub, allowing voice commands through Alexa or Google Home.


Experience versatility and style with our Day & Night Pleated Blinds. At Key Largo Shutters, we understand that your home deserves window treatments that offer both privacy and aesthetic appeal.

Our Day & Night Pleated Blinds feature a unique dual-layer fabric system, allowing you to alternate between sheer and blackout panels. This innovation empowers you to adapt your window treatments to changing lighting conditions throughout the day, offering a dynamic ambience in your living spaces.

The bespoke, made-to-measure approach ensures a perfect fit for your windows, while a wide array of colour options allows you to customise your blinds to match your interior decor flawlessly. Enjoy the convenience and sophistication of Day & Night Pleated Blinds in your home.

day and night blinds
intu blinds


Discover the perfect blend of form and function with our INTU Pleated Blinds. At Key Largo Shutters, we understand modern homeowners seek window solutions that enhance aesthetics while providing effortless functionality.

Our INTU Pleated Blinds are designed for seamless integration within your windows, eliminating visible cords and drilling. These blinds fit directly into the window frame for a clean, clutter-free appearance.

Choose from a range of colours and fabrics to match your style. With Key Largo Shutters, you’ll enjoy made to measure blinds for a snug fit. Experience the simplicity and sophistication of INTU Pleated Blinds, exclusively available in Essex and Suffolk.

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